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Kalamazoo Public Schools Moodle User Agreement

The goal of participation with the Moodle platform is to assist all personnel, students and parents in the collaboration and exchange of information for educational and work-related purposes. The intent of this user agreement is to comply with the Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS) Internet User Participation Agreement.

This agreement applies to everyone accessing the KPS Moodle site, whether they are inside or outside the district's network.

  1. I understand that the use of Moodle is for educational and job-related purposes only.
  2. I understand that KPS reserves the right to limit the space on the server pertaining to Moodle use.
  3. I have read and agree with the KPS Computer Systems, Internet and E-Mail Acceptable Use Agreement.
  4. Users who violate the policies in this agreement will have their account privileges discontinued.

To accept this agreement and access the KPS Moodle, please login with the Google Login button located on this pageAlternatively, you can click the (Log in) link in the upper right corner of this page.