What is Moodle? Moodle is a Course Management System that enables anyone to create powerful, flexible and engaging online learning experiences. Moodle can be used as a stand alone online course or as a supplement to the face to face classroom. 

What does Moodle offer? Moodle offers the opportunity for designers to include:

  • Links to web pages and uploaded files          
  • Discussion forums
  • Journals
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments
  • RSS Feeds

How can I use Moodle?  Moodle can be used as a means of sharing information, learning, and collaboration. 

How do I access Moodle ?  As long as you are logged into your KPS Google account, you won't need to enter your login or password. Simply click the Google Login button located on various site pages. If you do not see a Google Login button, then click the (Log in) link in the upper right corner and you will be presented with the login button.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Moodle Administrator at schlagejr@kalamazoopublicschools.net

    Site announcements


    by Scott Patrick -

    If you have courses on the old moodle server you can transfer them to this new server.

    On the old server: 

    • Login on the old server (http://moodle-old.kalamazoopublicschools.com)
    • Open the course to transfer. 
    • Select "Backup" (keep the defaults and click next through the prompts). 
    • Once the backup is complete (usually takes less than two minutes), you can then find it in the files below the course, click "Download", select a location on your computer to save it to.

    On the new server:

    • Login on the new server (https://moodle.kalamazoopublicschools.com)
    • Open Courses
    • Select Restore Course
    • Click Choose File(s)
    • Click Restore (again, keep the defaults and click next through the prompts)

    Brand New Moodle Server!

    by Scott Patrick -

    We are now running on a brand new version of Moodle (currently 3.7)! It may look a little bit different, but we are sure that you'll love the new features and options!

    Our Moodle server now lets you login using Google Login, so as long as you are logged into your KPS Google account, you should be able to simply click the Google Login button to login to your Moodle account. 

    Available courses

    All of the documents you need to successfully navigate Ed Performance and netTrekker